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2018 Voter Guide on the Ballot Initiatives

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Citizens of Arizona may initiate legislation as either a state statute or a constitutional amendment. In Arizona, citizens also have the power to repeal legislation via veto referendum. The Arizona State Legislature may place measures on the ballot as legislatively referred constitutional amendments or legislatively referred state statutes. In addition, the Arizona Commission on Salaries for Elective State Officers is one of only a few state committees that have the power to place measures on the ballot.

To qualify a measure for the ballot, citizens were required to file at least 150,642 valid signatures for initiated state statutes, 75,321 valid signatures for veto referendums, and 225,963 valid signatures for initiated constitutional amendments.

The 2018 state legislative session ran from January 8, 2018, to April 17, 2018, during which time the Arizona State Legislature was able to place legislative referrals on the ballot.

The 2018 Ballot Initiatives which will be on the ballot in November will be finalized by August 30th. We will have the link to the Pros & Cons soon!